Bearing Solutions for Large Size Machinery
Technical Product Information | 2013-08 | TPI 205 | 036888931-0000 | English

Bearing Solutions for Large Size Machinery

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The general trend towards plant with higher productivity is also apparent in larger production systems. As a result, there is increasing demand for correspondingly high performance components and subassemblies of larger dimensions. The challenges here are not only technical but also commercial in nature and may vary widely. Components for bearing arrangements are among the machine elements that make a decisive contribution to the overall performance of a system. For bearings in machine tools, the important parameters are not only the load carrying capacity but also the accuracy, rigidity and speed capacity. On the part of machine manufacturers, this is expanded by the use of complete machining and also process integration.

In the special case of rotary axes with a vertical axis of rotation, the development partner working on the bearing arrangement has the task of developing concept solutions that make it possible to fulfil the current requirements of the customer. In this product information publication, Schaeffler Group Industrial places the emphasis on realising rotating applications with various table diameters. In addition to the bearing units described in Technical Product Information TPI 120, High Precision Bearings for Combined Loads, bearing solutions are also available for larger bearing diameters that have been configured in accordance with the requirements. These bearing solutions are also known as kingpin bearing arrangements.

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