INA Metal-Polymer Composite Plain Bearings
Brochure | 2011-12 | PGL | English

INA Metal-Polymer Composite Plain Bearings

Durable – low-friction – economical

The new INA metal-polymer composite plain bearings enable economical solutions
in many industrial and automotive applications. They are particularly effective
with oscillating movements and achieve a rating life several times higher than that of bearings with conventional materials. In addition, all our new plain bearings are lead-free and, therefore, environmentally friendly.

Different innovative materials ensure unprecedented variety. A selection of bearings with maintenance-free and low-maintenance materials are available under the designations E40 and E50. Their structures are basically identical: A porous bronze-sintered structure is applied to a steel or bronze backing and impregnated with a special plastic compound. The solid lubricants produce a lubricant film between the sliding surfaces, which provides low-noise operation with constantly low friction values throughout the entire service life.

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