Monitoring Compressed Air Supply Units with FAG DETECTOR III
Data Sheet | 2007-12 | RFB 1 | RFB 1 GB-D | English

Monitoring Compressed Air Supply Units with FAG DETECTOR III

Examples of Application Engineering

Compressed air is often described as the fourth utility. Although not as ubiquitous as electricity, petrol and gas, it plays a fundamental part in the modern world. The main difference is that users generate their own air. The importance of compressed air is often overlooked, but in reality it plays a vital part in most modern manufacturing processes, from general industry, with offshore applications and oil-free applications, to the building industry, with highpressure shipping applications, through to gas compression. Most products we use today simply could not be made without compressed air. Compressed air accounts for about 10% of the global energy used in industry today.

As so many applications in different environments are dependent on compressed air, the compressors not only have to compress the air to a specific pressure and at a defined, effective rate, they also have to deliver air of the right quality. In order to generate compressed air of the right quality and to guarantee continuous availability, appropriate vibration and process monitoring is required in addition to the compressor.

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